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Its day number two of our one on one interviews with the Philadelphia mayoral candidates. Former PGW vice president sits down with PHL17’s David Grzybowski to discuss why he wants to be the next mayor and his plan for young professionals.

Doug Oliver on why he wants to be mayor

"I want to be mayor because I love my city. I feel that I have the life experiences, the academic experiences and professional experiences to give me a point of view that the city can use. At the end of the day we got no shortage of people who run for mayor after going through a traditional process. While I have a tremendous amount of respect for those who have toiled in public service I do think sometimes you can get caught up with group thinking and I do think sometimes shaking it up, a little disruption in a typical often stale process could yield benefits for the city of Philadelphia."

Doug Oliver on millennials in Philly

" The future for millennials I think is much more immediate then most folks talk about. So when I look at young people in this city I don't see interns, I see CEO of companies. I see solutions to challenges right now. It’s a bright and immediate future."

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By: David Grzybowski/ PHL17

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