Local bakery selling hundreds of Eagles pastries before the big game

PHL17 Morning News
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A Philadelphia bakery says they’ve been extra busy as many people plan for the big game this weekend.

The owners of The Bakery House in Bryn Mawr say they have been selling hundreds of football themed cakes and cookies for the big game.

Some of the tasty creations include cakes decorated like a football field and with the Eagles logo.


They are also selling what they call a “football egg”. It`s a vanilla cake with a hard chocolate coating decorated like a football.

“They`re excited. People take the cookies to work, the eggs to work, people share their enthusiasm at work,” said Sandy Stauffer, who is the owner. “They have parties coming up so they are buying and ordering the eggs or the cakes because they are having parties and they want to celebrate.”

If the Eagles win the big game, the owners say they plan to sell a cake with the words “We Won” in the center.