New Year’s Resolutions: Tips to manage your stress in 2021

PHL17 Morning News

One new year’s resolution that many people can relate to after a year like 2020 is to work on managing stress better in 2021.

It may not seem easy, but it is possible with just a few steps.

Dr. Steven Rosenberg, psychotherapist and hypnotherapist in Montgomery County shared some tips to help us get started.

1.) Be able to turn off excess media. The less negativity you hear and see will make things better for you.

2.) Take care of yourself. Make a resolution to be healthier by getting enough sleep, exercise more, and eat healthfully. The idea of good sleep habits prepares us to deal with stress. Be able to take the time to exercise and reduce stress through exercise. Eat less sugar and stay away from alcohol.

3.) Be more social. Take the time to nurture relationships. Stay in touch vis Skype or Zoom. Send emails and pictures. Do everything to stay more social. Give back to your community and bond with people who think the same way!

4.) Meditation is better than medication. Learn to clear your mind by learning relaxation techniques.