New Service Allows Grooms to Try On Wedding Bands Without Leaving Home

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It’s no secret that wedding planning centers around the brides, but what about the grooms?

“Hitched,” an online service that allows men to try on weddings bands at home, is expanding and opening up a new showroom in Philadelphia. Founders Steph and Chris Sammons explained how the service works.

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The concept came about from Chris and Steph's own experience of buying a wedding band.

"We had a pretty poor experience when it came to shopping for Chris's wedding band. We realized that guys really are underserved not only in wedding bands, but in all things wedding," said Steph.

"Hitched" only has three steps! First, choose five bands. Browse the collection online and choose any five wedding bands to try on at home. Sample bands will be shipped to the groom with a ring sizing tool.

Grooms then have five days to try on the rings and get a feel for them. The week allows the groom to find the style and size he likes the best. Once a decision is made, grooms can finish their purchase by checking out online.

"The big thing, at least for me, I didn't wear a lot of jewelry and most guys are not used to wearing a ring. They don't realize your body swells or it doesn't swell so we want them to wear it around, try it on," said Chris.

Finally, return the sample wedding bands in the same box they came in. A brand new band you picked will arrive shortly after.

"Hitched" recently partnered with Chicago-based company The Groomsman Suit to open up a showroom in Philadelphia.

"It'll be a place where guys can come in and they can get a ring fitted, buy their wedding band and get suited up for under $500 and in less than an hour," said Steph.

The showroom is set to open up on the corner of 2nd and Arch Street. To checkout some of the rings, visit Hitched's website.

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