Neumann’s ‘Wardrobes for Work’ is Preparing Students for Success

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Most people want to dress their best when it comes to a work interview or first day on the job.
But, purchasing nice clothing can sometimes come with a hefty price tag.
Neumann University is doing its part to make professional clothing more affordable through its ‘Wardrobes for Work’ program.
Students, faculty and the community can choose from several racks of blouses, suits, pants, skirts and everything else in between.
“Wardrobes for work” is the brainchild of Danielle McNichol. McNichol is the General Counsel and Director for the Center on Leadership at Neumann.
She is amazed at how much the program has grown. It started with McNichol passing out clothes out of a cardboard box 3 years ago, and now it is the go-to place for fashion-conscious people on a budget. More than 60,000 items are available.
“We like to provide them with an entire outfit, so they have the opportunity to feel comfortable when they go in for that internship or the job interview. They feel like they are dressed for success,” said McNichol.
You can find top brands around every corner. “We have everything from Ralph Lauren, Boyd’s clothing, Thomas Pink shirts, Armani, Talbots, Ann Taylor, and BCBG.
PHL 17 talked to Christine Campbell who was doing a little shopping before her shift in the school’s cafeteria. “I found a suit, a polka dot dress that my daughter might like and some khaki pants.”
The grand total for all of those items… $0!
Junior Marketing Major, Brendan Risley found the perfect power suit. Now, he is ready to land his first internship. “I want [my suit] to say I’m professional, but I have some flair. I like to add my own little touch to things,” said Risley.
McNichol is not surprised to see students walk out of the pop-up shop more confident. “You can see the difference in them. Their shoulders are back and they realize they have something that’s available for them!”
Several organizations donate to ‘Wardrobes for Work’ throughout the year. The event is held at Neumann University four times a year.

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