Mutter Museum to Remember Historic 1918 Influenza Pandemic

PHL17 Morning News
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A century ago, a worldwide health disaster hit Philadelphia and that disaster is now being remembered at the Mutter Museum. The influenza pandemic of 1918-19. killed millions of people all over the world. It left nearly 20,000 dead in Philadelphia, the highest death toll in America. The Mutter Museum’s newest exhibit Spit Spreads Death, opening October 17, will look at how neighborhoods in Philadelphia were impacted. A parade of lights and sounds will also come to the streets of Philadelphia on Saturday, September 28, to commemorate the devastating flu epidemic, remember those who died, and honor those who keep us safe today. Spit Spreads Death the Parade will start at Marconi Plaza at 5 pm and travel down Broad Street to City Hall. If you would like to learn more about how you can participate in this one of a kind parade, click here.

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