Mummers Officially Getting Fancier

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"I said 'Ladies grab my hand and here it comes.'"

Philadelphia native Ian Morrison, more commonly known as Britney Lynn and captain of the Miss Fancy Brigade, speaking about how he and his fellow drag queens braved other mummers when kicking off the 2015 SugarHouse Casino Mummer`s Parade.

You might recall last year`s parade was the first time the parade route had changed in years, and being the first group to march down broad street, the drag queens were a little hesitant.

But much to their surprise...

"They could not have loved us more... they stopped to pose with us, they ran across the street and took photos with us... cops... firemen... it`s the greatest feeling to know how accepted we are."

Participating in the previous four parades, the 2016 SugarHouse Casino Mummer`s Parade will be the first time the drag queens will march as official mummers.

"My girls, the Miss Fancy Brigade, will be in the very front spot leading a whole new group of communities to further enhance the parade experience."

Morrison says he takes the role of being a mummer very seriously.

"Bringing in more of these people and communities now just makes the parade bigger and better and it keeps that tradition alive which is the most important part of being a mummer."

The group made up of nine ladies is the only LGBT, full-drag brigade.

"We called ourselves the Miss Fancy Brigade because we only performed with the fancy brigades at the convention center but now we`re just fancy."

Morrison says the Miss Fancy Brigade is close with the Spartans Fancy Brigade, calling that group their brother club.

"They actually had me come in and teach them hair and makeup and sit inside the Spartans Club House. I`m teaching them contour and how to root wigs. I got a kick out of that. I think it`s the one time of the year that mummery and drag doesn`t just blend together, it`s just accepted and becomes one entity."

Morrison says diversifying one of the nation`s longest-standing traditions takes time.

"Well i think it is all baby steps. Sometimes traditions have to change to keep the tradition itself alive."