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Monica Marvel’s Mount Moriah Cemetery

PHL17 Morning News
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With Philadelphia’s deep history, any city Cemetery is full of interesting stories but especially the largest cemetery in all of Pennsylvania.  Opened in 1855, Mount Moriah cemetery spans 200 acres from southwest Philly to Yeadon in Delaware county. Offering a peaceful resting place for the area’s middle class.

But the cemetery still had some big names.

On the Yeadon side, mausoleum hill boast 10 structures each with a different design, like Greek Revival, Egyptian, and Byzantine.

Stand up – in 2011 the cemetery closed its gates. And it became largely overgrown until the friends of mount Moriah cleaned it up in hopes of it becoming an urban greenspace for all to enjoy.

And with friends of mount Moriah  cemetery working hard to clean and maintain the 200 rolling acres, there certainly is a lot to explore.

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