Memorial Honors Victims of Gun Violence

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Outside Overbrook Presbyterian Church, lies a monument to the lost. A memorial to Philadelphia’s murdered by illegal guns in the past year.

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It's a sea of names like Addidas Goode, Toy Charda Bryant and Maurice Adside and all ages, one victim, only four years old.

Yullio Robbins son, James Walke III, was shot and killed last February in Germantown. Like some of the cases here, this one remains unsolved.

"It`s like a living nightmare. It`s like a nightmare," said Robbins. "We don`t know why he was murdered or who did the murder and for no one to have seen it at 2 o'clock in the afternoon, that just seems a little strange."

Robbins said it`s been hard not seeing his face everyday.

"He had a smile that would just knock you off your feet," she said.

There are more than 200 shirts in the memorial.

Sharon Parker is the director of christian education at the church. She`s hoping it makes a bold visual statement.

"To take a moment and reflect on action that they may take that would be positive and to have a heightened awareness of these senseless deaths," said Parker. "It`s a symbol to which we can all relate and to recognize that what if these were people that were standing here. Look at the number."

Robbins hopes this monument speaks for her son and the victims here.

"Its hard for me to look at these shirts because I feel their pain. Its like somebody please find my murderer," said Robbins.


This monument will remain here at least through the end of this week. Then it will be moved to another church.



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