Local producer creates new Netflix documentary ‘Spelling the Dream’

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One of the newest Netflix documentaries centers around the National Spelling Bee hosted in Washington, DC- and the film features ties to our area!

“Spelling the Dream” is written and produced by Chris Weller, who is from Mt. Laurel and went to Lenape High School in Medford. 

He also features Shruthika Padhy, a student from Cherry Hill Middle School who was one of the winners in the 2019 competition. 

The film follows students, and explores how they prepare for the competition, their daily routines and much more. 

It also centers on Indian-American culture. An Indian-American student has won the competition for the past 12 years straight- marking one of the longest trends in sports history. “Spelling the Dream” explains the connect between a traditional competition such as the bee, and how it defines the American Dream.  

The film will debut on Netflix on June 3rd. 

The 2020 National Spelling Bee has been suspended due to Coronavirus. 

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