Local Photographers Offer Free Photos for Families Affected by Cancer

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Photographers Dan and Britney Eppeheimer from Blacklevel Photography are offering something incredibly special for families affected by cancer. Located in Pottstown, the husband and wife team are using their own experience with cancer to help others going through the same troubles.

Known as “The Light Project,” Dan and Britney are offering free family photos to those affected by cancer. The idea started after Dan tragically lost his sister Kendra.

“About two years ago, Dan’s sister passed away at 38 weeks pregnant. She had our nephew and then she passed away the next day from cancer, which was completely unexpected. I had the opportunity to photograph her five days before she had passed. Those photos meant a lot to us as a family,” said Britney.

Britney posted on Facebook saying they would like to help other families going through this. The post received an enormous amount of attention. One person who saw the post was Emily Eckman.

Emily was recently diagnosed with Clear Cell Ovarian Cancer. She has been recovering from a hysterectomy and is preparing to begin chemotherapy on November 6th. Emily said Britney and Dan gave her something to look forward to after a difficult couple of weeks.

“She called me and said that they had accepted me to do a session, which I was super grateful for. It was a beautiful opportunity and it’s so beautiful that they’re doing this for other families that are dealing with cancer,” said Emily.

If you would like to tell your family’s story, visit Blacklevel’s website here. From there they will try to work and schedule a session for you and your family.

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