Local high school robotics team competes in world competition

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Members of the Cherry Hill High School East Robotics Club competed in the Vex World Robotics Competition in Kentucky after winning the state level.

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Their task was to build robots and make them do something.

Kevin Babitz is president of the club.

"This year, the task was to pick up stars and cubes and dump them over a wall that separated the field in half," he said.

Babitz their team competed against schools as far away as England and China and said their team placed 10th out of 95 teams in their division. It`s the furthest they have ever gotten.

Babitz  said a lot of work goes into it especially when it comes to designing the robots

"Overall, more than 150 hours go into this robot," he said. "There`s a lot of interaction and communication that is involved especially when we disagree with idea, we need to be able to talk it out and reason and really decide whats best for the team.'

It helps them build bonds as well.

"In high school, you see a lot of separation between the freshman, sophomore, juniors and seniors when you come here, it`s more of a family and everyone knows each others and everyone`s friendly with each other sand all the seniors are helping the freshmen," said Babitz.

Even though they did not win this year, Babitz said the team will compete again next year and he`s is walking away with something much more...

"Just that whole experience of being a family is what I really enjoyed," he said.

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