Little boy left in tears after dad “forgets” his birthday; Dad & son explain emotional viral video

PHL17 Morning News
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PHILADELPHIA, PA – For 12-year-old Braheim Fowler of Southwest Philadelphia, a birthday gift from his father has changed everything.

Braheim’s dad, Devon Fowler, told his son he forgot to get him a present.

“I just didn’t think I was going to get anything for my birthday,” explained Braheim.


On Braheim’s 12th birthday, Devon recorded a video of his son’s shock, surprise and immediate tears of joy upon opening the trunk of their car and realizing his dad was pulling a prank.

“I didn’t know he was going to get emotional like that,” said Devon. “He really, really wanted that bat; because he kept asking me for that bat for the longest and I couldn’t afford it.”

Devon has four young kids and is having a tough time finding a new full-time job. Devon told PHL17 News he has worked with children and teens for years but has been unemployed for some time now. But he says that didn’t stop him from scraping together the $325 dollars needed to buy Braheim the special “Torq” bat.


In the video posted to Facebook and Youtube, once Braheim starts crying, Devon tells him, “Don’t cry. You about to make me cry, don’t cry! Pull it out! Let the world see it.”

Braheim thanked his dad and said “He’s a hardworking man. He’s such a good dad because even though he doesn’t have stuff, he still works for it and does what he has to do to get the money for it. It helps me have fun, it helps me be like the other kids.”

Devon explained, “When he started crying, I felt like a kid again because growing up I don’t have a father; so it was very important for me to do something special for him for his birthday.”


Ever since the video of Braheim’s reaction went viral, his batting average, and the unbreakable bond with his father have only gotten stronger.