Listerine and Oral Health

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Jason Lee:
So Dr. Saltz, your mouth says more about you than you may think, explain that for us.

Dr. Gail Saltz:
Well I partnered with Listerine and they did a recent national survey to look at the social impacts of oral hygiene, and found interestingly enough, that definitely yes oral hygiene does effect everything from confidence to intimate and personal relationships making new friends, career issues, they also found that 8 in 10 Americans think they do have a very healthy mouth but in fact the reality is that most Americans actually have some sort of oral hygiene issue. The good news is of course you can do something about this, you can really take control, you can see a dentist twice a year, you can use therapeutic products like Listerine for your mouth, and that can make a huge difference in how other people perceive you and in your own level of confidence and therefore how you perceive yourself.

Jason Lee:
Okay so where can we go for more information?

Dr. Gail Saltz:
For more information and a lot of statistics found in the survey, go to

Jason Lee:
Dr. Gail Saltz we appreciate the time, thanks for being with us. And Eye Opener continues.

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