Kensington Anti-Crime Initiative Yields 180 Arrests and $262K in Drugs

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KENSINGTON, PA – On Wednesday, officials with the Philadelphia Police Department announced the results of a three-day joint enforcement initiative that focused on combatting violence and crime in the city’s East Division.  Authorities say they made 180 arrests, seized more than $262,000 worth of illegal narcotics, and confiscated 20 guns. Authorities also confiscated cash in the amount of $68,567.

Police also arrested 23-year-old Jose Vasquez of the 3300 block of B Street for a double homicide that occurred at Ella & Stella Streets on Feb 18, 2018. He was arrested by Task Force officers assigned to the FBI.

The East Division encompasses the 24th, 25th and 26th districts.

Officials say this anti-crime initiative may take on special significance for people in the Philadelphia Resilience Project area, where people from 35 city departments are collaboratively working to combat the opioid crisis.


Confiscations and Street Value of Drugs:

Heroin/Fentanyl 641.20 grams $213,733

Crack 70.72 grams $7,072

Cocaine 152.10 grams $15,210

Marijuana 581.50 grams $5,815

Hydro 462 grams $9,240

Steroids 181 doses $1,810

Codeine 25 ounces $2,500

Hashish 677 grams $6,910

**Confiscated drugs street value: $262,640

Breakdown of Arrests:

Arrests: 180 (176 Adults / 4 Juveniles)

Dealers: 87 (4 were juveniles)

Buyers: 59

Prostitution: 30


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