Keeping Your Kids Motivated Academically This Summer

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During these unprecedented times students have been learning at home. We get some tips on keeping your kids motivated academically this summer with Marvin Dutton who has a virtual learning academy.


1. Set short, medium- and long-term learning goals for the summer. Be sure to attach an award or desirable activity to each goal. 

 2. Have your child list topics that they find interesting. Gain access to materials in this particular subject area. Have your child research online or in a text. 

3. Schedule daily instruction time for your child. Children are typically used to a routine during the academic school year. During this time guide their instruction with online activities and educational resources. See what sites interest your child the most. 

4. Remember to use positive reinforcement. Attach tasks to an outdoor activity or experiential learning opportunity. Remember to practice social distancing.

For more information visit their website, here.

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