Jury find defendants responsible for deadly building collapse civil case

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A jury has found five defendants responsible for a deadly building collapse on a Salvation Army Thrift Store Philadelphia. It left six people dead and several more injured.

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The incident happened in June of 2013 at the corner of 22nd and Market Streets.

It led to two unqualified contractors being imprisoned, but the building owner and architect who oversaw the demolition weren't charged.

A five month civil trial against those two and others came to an end on Wednesday.

Jurors found all defendants named in the case were liable. That includes the owner of the building being demolished, the architect, the two imprisoned contractors and the Salvation Army.

A lawyer for the plaintiffs argued the demolition was a risk to the public and that most of the responsibility laid on the salvation army for keeping the store open despite warnings about the demolition. The Salvation Army's lawyer said the charity was blameless.

The jury will return to court on Friday to determine how much the defendants will have to pay.


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