Instagrammer “@Philly_Jawnings” Photographs the Beauty in Local Porch Awnings

PHL17 Morning News
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PHILADELPHIA, PA – They say sometimes you need to, “Stop and smell the roses.” Well, Philly Instagrammer, Mike Baber of @Philly_Jawnings, might disagree…and he might tell you to, “Stop and appreciate the awnings!”

Baber has been documenting interesting, colorful, unique, and often overlooked awnings around Philadelphia since last May.  Baber says he believes awnings in certain neighborhoods will often reflect the vibe in that specific  part of town.

As you may know, a “jawn” is Philly slang for a person, place or thing. Baber says his wife, Bonnie, came up with the catchy @Philly_Jawnings Instagram handle.

Baber told PHL17, “It’s just part of every day life here in Philadelphia and I love that! I think it’s really cool to capture something every day in the city. I think there’s also a lot of flavor to them. There’s a lot of beauty in these old style row homes in Philadelphia and I love being able to explore different areas and kind of have an excuse to take some pictures of something that may not be captured every day.”