This Local Boy Got Stage Fright, But His Hero Dad Was There Just In Time

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GLASSBORO, NJ - When Brian Startare saw his 9-year-old son, Braydon, frozen on stage at a school talent show, his fatherly instincts kicked in. Brian quickly jumped on stage and helped Braydon finish his comedy routine, performing as a comedic duo.

Bryadon was set to perform a solo comedy routine at the Dorothy Bullock Elementary School’s year-end talent show, but his young nerves took over as soon as he took the stage.

Brian said of his son, “He’s a gregarious kid, but that’s a little tough when you’re nine years old!”

In a video posted to social media, you can see Braydon’s stage fright taking over as he takes a seat instead of starting his act. After looking off stage and shaking his head, his dad came to his rescue.

“I was on the side saying, ‘You got this Bray! You got this Bray!’ And time went on, he looked over and he gave me that kind of look. How many times did we practice this?” Bryadon said, “…like, a lot!”

After some quick thinking, Brian – who is a media personality himself and no stranger to being on the mic – decided to step on stage to help out his struggling son.

They told each joke as a comedic duo; with Braydon delivering all the punch lines.

The three minute routine had his classmates and teachers howling.

“I kind of got caught between the fact that I didn’t want to step in and take away from him…but at the same time I didn’t want to see him struggle out there,” explained Brian.

At the end of their bit, with Braydon’s confidence restored by his father, the hug they shared says it all.

“When I got finished I got a little emotional because I felt so overwhelmed for him…It’s a moment we will always have. I hope I instilled some trust with him that he knows that I’m always going to be there for him, as any father should.”



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