Half bus, half prison cell makes stop at a local high school

PHL17 Morning News
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These kids are in jail, but don`t be alarmed! It`s a fake prison cell on board the Choice Bus. It’s a school bus that traveling to schools across our area, educating students about the dangers of dropping out of school.

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The bus made a stop at Kensington High School in North Philadelphia for students like Isaiah Crawford.

"Like why would I waste my life doing something so easy to get into but so hard to get out," said Crawford.

When students first board the bus, they are shown a video with testimonial of inmates, who dropped out of high school.

Anthony Williams is one of the presenters and said that 70 percent of inmates in prison did not graduate from high school.

"The students get to go inside the cell and touch what they want to, see what the bed looks like, see what the toilet bowl looks like and hopefully they understand, this is a real life consequence of what they do at school," said Williams, "Students really respond to it by realizing the reality of the situation."

Crawford said he is friends with several people that have dropped out.

"It`s hard for them to succeed and move on with their life because they can`t really do anything else," he said.

He is confident about his success and hopes it puts others on the same road.

"Just keep pushing, don`t let nobody bring you down. That`s all I have to say," he said.