Grow your network while stuck working from home

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Feeling stuck while working from home?

Jennfier Lynn Robinson, CEO of Purposeful Networking, has some tips to help you keep growing your business and your network without leaving the house.

Tip One: Stay connected. Find ways to make your meeting virtual, but engaging. This can be by doing something simple, such as asking people to bring their favorite snack or beverage to the meeting, or even hosting fun icebreakers at the start of the meeting.

Tip Two: Stay visible. Make sure you’re posting on your social media. You can even try hosting a live video or virtual activity that involves sharing some tips about your area of expertise to viewers.

Tip Three: Be a resource. Make sure you’re reaching out to your existing network and touch base with them. Set aside some time to do quick favors for others, such as writing a testimonial for a colleague.

Tip Four: Thrive! Try to stick to a daily routine and create a comfortable workspace that keeps you motivated.

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