FAA Requires Additional Engine Inspections; SW 1380 Crew Meets President Trump

PHL17 Morning News
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The Federal Aviation Administration is requiring additional engine inspections following the deadly Southwest Airlines incident above our area last month.

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The agency will now require airplane operators to perform inspections on similar engines by the end of August. That will be followed by periodic inspections.

The National Transportation Safety Board recently released the plane from its own investigation.

Officials have moved the plane to a Boeing plant in Washington state where it underwent further inspection On Tuesday.

The pilot of that plane, Tammy Jo Shults, met with President Trump in the oval office on Tuesday.

Trump expressed his condolences to Jennifer Riordan's husband and two children.

Riordan was the passenger on board that flight that died after being partially sucked out of a window when debris from the engine damaged the airplane.

Three passengers rushed to try and save her life before she died.

President Trump honored the passengers and crew for their actions.

The NTSB’s investigation is still ongoing.

PHL 17's Khiree Stewart was live outside Philadelphia International Airport with the details.