Experts share tips to quit smoking for the Great American Smokeout

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Psychotherapist Dr. Steve Rosenberg and Hypnotherapist Cindy Reese visit PHL17 Morning News to share tips on how to kick the habit of smoking. Today is the Great American Smokeout. Today is the day to encourage someone you know to use this day to make a plan to quit smoking one day. Some tips from the doctors include, stop buying cigarettes by the carton and only smoke during either odd or even hours of the day. Do not empty your ashtrays as it is a reminder of how many cigarettes you have smoked each day, understand that withdrawal symptoms are only temporary and a sign that your body is repairing itself from the exposure to nicotine. It is also important to be aware that most relapses occur within the first two weeks after quitting smoking, this is because withdraw symptoms are at their strongest and your body is still dependent on nicotine.

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