Evil Genius Beer Company and Evil Genius Hard Seltzer

PHL17 Morning News

Evil Genius Beer Company and Evil Genius Hard Seltzer are impacted by COVID-19 outbreak.

There are many brewers in our area and many are impacted in a variety of ways: beer sales in their own bar/beer garden; production made locally; production out of their Pittson production facility; beer shipped to seven states, and of course the rise/fall of demand of beer during this time; and now new – curbside pick-up service due to this pandemic and city regulations.

Seltzer is sold also in all seven states and they are impacted by launching and working so hard on a new brand and a fast growing field and now that is impacted as well,” they say.  

A beer garden was informally opened and would have had grand opening soon but that was closed and grand opening postponed. Also, employees were laid off in Fishtown and a skeleton crew at main factory where beer is made.

To visit Evil Genius visit, their website.

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