ENG Nonprofit Helping Underserved Families in Philadelphia

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Nearly 6,000 people are considered homeless in Philadelphia.

That is lowest number of street homeless of any of the largest cities in the United States, but ENG Nonprofit wants to reduce that number to zero.

ENG Nonprofit started in 2015 and is based in Jenkintown. It focuses on fighting hunger and promoting healthy habits through community activities.

The organization hosts a weekly produce drive every Thursday to give out fresh produce at multiple locations in Philadelphia. You can find more details and locations, visit the group on Facebook by clicking here.

“People look at homeless as people on drugs,” said Tarayia Foreman of ENG Nonprofit. “But there are so many different situations, mental illness, domestic violence. It’s part of my mission to make sure I’m blessing people with the blessings I have.”

The organization is putting together “Blessing Bags” with foods and products that those without homes need. They include things that we may not even think about immediately, such as feminine products and baby wipes.

ENG Nonprofit is looking for volunteers to help make these care packages. They are hosting an event Saturday, October 26th from 11:45 AM until 2 PM at Suburban Station on 16th and JFK Boulevard. Any volunteers are welcome to come and to bring donations.

If you can’t make it to the care package event, you can contribute by donating online.

For more details, visit eng-nonprofit.com.

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