Eat Healthier and Environmentally Friendly at Hip City Veg

PHL17 Morning News
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Looking for a new, healthy option when you go out to eat? Try plant-based eating.

Hip City Veg is a popular restaurant that offers new plant-based meals. The shop is opening a new location at Suburban Square in Ardmore.

There are so many health and environmental benefits to eating vegan substitutes in your daily life.

“My father’s health was transformed by a plant-based diet,” Nicole Marquis, owner of Hip City Veg said. “He was able to lose 35 pounds, get off his medication, and put his Type 2 diabetes for a period of time into complete remission.”

Some of the changes you can make in your pantry are simple- just focus on fruits and veggies, and try switching commonly used items, such as butter or mayonnaise, with vegan substitutes.

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