Disability Pride Philadelphia Parade & Celebration This Weekend

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Disability Pride Philadelphia is an organization made up of disabled people committed to promoting visibility and awareness within their communities.

The annual Disability Pride Parade & Celebration Week runs from June 10th-15th this year.

“We start with our definition of PRIDE [which stands for], Please Respect Individuals with Disabilities Everywhere. And we know that people simply don’t do better because they don’t know better”,  said Vice President of Gateway Health Plan Marcia Martin.

The parade’s activities kick off at 10:00am and will include a flag raising ceremony, arts and craft activities, speeches, performances and special guest speakers.

“What we want is for people to understand that the disabled community is just a part of the normal, everyday life”, said Vicki Sanders, President of Disability Pride Philadelphia, Inc.

For more information, including a full agenda for the parade and celebration, click here: www.disabilitypridephiladelphia.com.

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