Delicious Plant Based Alternatives for Summer

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Studies show that a plant based diet can help with weight loss, cardiovascular health and increase longevity. Lifestyle Expert Chery Nelson joined us with some plant based alternatives for summer!

According to Cheryl, Planet Oat is a must-have! It’s a non-dairy milk alternative that has a great taste, and has so many rich nutritional benefits thanks to the” mighty oat.” Planet Oat is also extremely versatile- you can drink it, put it into cereal or coffee and is great for cooking. Her favorite is Planet Oat Original, but you can also find it in Extra Creamy, Vanilla and Dark Chocolate.

For those looking to incorporate more veggie-forward foods into their grilling lineup this summer, check out these veggie burgers and dogs from Yves Veggie Cuisine. They’re pre-cooked and can be grilled, pan-fried or heated in the microwave for a delicious and nutritious option. Cheryl is also a huge fan of their new Appetizer Bites – available in Kale & Quinoa Bites & Falafel Bites. You can find Yves at Walmart.

Honest Tea has great-tasting, organic beverages made with lower or no sugar Fair Trade Certified ingredients that are perfect for summer sips! Honest is on a mission to show how you can make a global impact with a simple purchase. They’ve installed the brand’s first-ever charitable vending machine at Cherry Street Piers through August 30 where you can purchase an Honest beverage AND vote on which of their partners’ projects you want to support. You can even “up your impact” by paying more for your beverage and 100% of every purchase will be donated to either Fair Trade USA or the Organic Farming Research Foundation to help improve communities.

You can find Cheryl Nelson online at and on social @cherylnelsontv.

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