Delaware Natives Bring “Pop Up Pope” to Philadelphia

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Delaware natives Christa Scalies and Paul Tanner are the creators of the Pop Up Pope.

“As soon as we got it…we decided we were going to go out on the street with it,” Christa Scalies

Scalies and Tanner got the Pope Francis cut out idea from Spain and their message is simple.

“Joyful Catholics proclaiming the good news that the Holy Father is coming to Philadelphia trying to do street evangelization to reach out to people who have lost hope or lost faith. That is what Pop Up Pope is all about,” Scalies said.

Faith is what Paul Tanner says has lifted him from homelessness in Wilmington, Delaware.

“I think my faith is really strong, which I believe that me being homeless God put me through that for a reason,” Paul Tanner says. “Most likely to be a witness as to how to turn it around and help those who are in those positions move on and upward.”

With a little help from their Pope Francis cut out, Tanner and Scalies spread a little more faith. They believe the visit by the real Pope Francis may do much more.

“I’m hoping that his peace and prayers and good vibes are really going to extend into the people of this city and they are going to pay it forward maybe a little bit more than they did before,” Scalies said.

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