Dangers of Driving After Switching Back to Standard Time

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Jana Tidwell from Triple A Mid-Atlantic joined us to discuss how gaining an hour of sleep can impact your safety while driving.

Following the time change from daylight savings, commutes will look extremely different due to the earlier times of darkness .  Switching to standard time, can increase the amount of accidents due to drivers being more tired than usual.  Avoiding to stop According to Tidwell, “drowsing driving contributes to over 6,400 traffic facilities on our roadways each year.”

The tips for drivers include:

  • Slow Down
  • Turn headlights on during early morning & evening hours
  • Keep windows and headlights clean
  • Yield the right of way to pedestrians

The tips for pedestrians include:

  • Cross only at intersections
  • Avoid walking in traffic where there is no sidewalk or crosswalk
  • Wear bright colors at night
  • Carry a flashlight in the dark
  • Avoid listening to loud music

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