Cross of a Bucket List Item at Diggerland

PHL17 Morning News
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Dump trucks, excavators and bulldozers — construction equipment that can be fun for all ages. Diggerland in West Berlin, New Jersey can make you kids dreams come true by letting them explore the world of constuction. Diggerland is an entirely construction themed amusement park. It allows your kids to operate and ride heavy machinery in a safe family-friendly environment. The park has more than 25 attractions and a lot of fan favorites, including the Spin Dizzy which takes riders for a spin on an excavator. For those looking for a thrill that doesn’t involve amusement park rides, well they have that too. Diggerland XL located right next to the park gives adults the chance to get dirty as they operate real life heavy equipment. Spend time digging in the dirt with an excavator, smash a car or take drive a 36 thousand pound bulldozer.

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