Community helps raise money for local bar

PHL17 Morning News

Bill Zielinsky has been going to Fergie’s Pub in Center City since it opened back in 1994. For him, it is a place to escape the worries of everyday life.

“This is a cultural institution. It’s more than a bar,” he said. “It’s cozy, it’s warm, it’s inviting, it’s a place where you want to sit down with a friend.”

When COVID-19 hit, Fergie’s Pub took a financial hit. Like many bars it had to shut down in March.

Fergus Carey is the owner and says it reopened under restrictions over the summer, but things just are not the same.

“It’s been dragging on so long that it’s crippling,” said Carey.

Recently, one of its employees started a GoFundMe page at the end of October. It raised more than $64,000 in a few days, exceeding their expectations.

“I feel blessed. I feel very lucky and very grateful to everybody. It really has saved us,” said Carey. “Things were just looking bleak and thanks to everyone things are not so bleak right now.. So I’m just thankful for everyone.”

Zielinsky said he did his part as well by donating $50.

“Contributing to this place is the least I can do after all the joy they have given me over the years.”