Center City Church Rings Historic Bells to the Tune of Fly Eagles Fly

PHL17 Morning News
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People walking around Philadelphia`s Rittenhouse square are going to hearing something different this week.

Every day until the big game, The Church of the Holy Trinity in Rittenhouse Square will be ringing their historic carillon bells to the iconic tune of ‘Fly Eagles Fly’. The Eagles fight song.

Eagles fans walking by the church think it`s a clear and divine message that our team will win.

“We got God on our side now, so if the church plays the bells I think that`s a pretty solid conversation,” said Bill Roach, who is an Eagles fan. “I think the patriots have met their match.”

Reverend John Gardner co-pastors the church with his wife, Rachel. Gardner says they got the idea from the church`s choir director.

“He said, would’nt be great if we could do this and join in the city`s excitement,” said Gardner.

The church`s 6,000 pound bells are more than 100 years old and they traditionally ring them for special events.

Gardner also says that several people have come into the church to light a candle and hope and pray for an Eagles win.

He hopes it shows people that church is more than just a place of worship.

“The church is a place that is connected, aware of and cares about what`s going on in the world around it,” said Gardner. “We want to be known for and see ourselves as a Christian presence here in Rittenhouse Square.”

If you want to the church bells, the church will ring them every day until the big at 1:00 p.m. and 4:00 p.m.