Celebrate National Kitten Day with Adoption Deals

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July 10th marks National Kitten Day! Celebrate with some adoption deals from the Providence Animal Center in Media, PA.

One thing to keep in mind before adopting a kitten is their energy level. Kittens are very playful and need an outlet for their energy.

“Exercising your kitten is really good. The laser pointer is huge so that will exhaust kittens to no end,” said Justine Calgiano from Providence Animal Center.

Right now the shelter is offering 50% off adoption fees. If you’re not able to adopt a kitten but still want to help, foster homes are also needed.

“Our shelter is full on any given day so that’s when we call our fosters. Kittens and cats are overwhelming shelters everywhere,” said Justine.

For more information on adopting a kitten or to find a foster home application, click here.

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