Black Panther Golden at the Box Office

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Have you seen it yet? Marvel’s newly released film “Black Panther” has swept the world away by breaking records and making history.

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According to the comScore, the film Black Panther has already broken records by accumulating over $192 million dollars in the United States making it the highest February film debut ever.

It's expected to gross up to $218 million through the Presidents Day holiday, the film has already surpassed the previous record of the movie "Deadpool" which grossed $152.2 million over President's Day weekend back in 2016.

The movie isn't just a Super-Hero movie, for many it's a huge cultural event. It includes a number of African-American stars. And, Temple University professor Aaron Smith says "it's a watershed moment culturally. It's the first time we have an all black cast on this level when it comes to a superhero movie".

Many movie goers this weekend also shared the same perspective as PHL17 Morning News anchor Jennifer Lewis Hall who attended a private movie screening in Cherry Hill, New Jersey. Student Alana Rogers believes the movie pushes back on stereotypes. Roger says it "...defied stereotypes that black women receive every day, they worked together and it was amazing".

Anchor Jennifer Lewis Hall attending not just one movie screening, but two! And witnessed many people celebrating the screening of the film by dressing up in African style clothing at the theater to honor the royal depictions of Africa in the movie.

According to measurements from comScore this movie is on track to become one of the top 5 opening weekends of all time. If you haven't been able to see the movie yet make sure to check it out at your local movie theater.

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