Beware of the Newest Dating Trend: Cookie Jarring

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The newest trend in dating is called "cookie jarring," but the reality isn't as sweet as the name.

You've probably heard of it- it's the idea that somebody has a relationship with a significant other, but keeps another person on the side- or in the cookie jar- in case the main relationship doesn't work out.

Why do some people do this?

"It's based upon insecurity," said Dr. Steven Rosenberg, psychotherapist and behavioral specialist. "They need to know that they have something in the background, something to back them up."

How can you tell if you're the person in somebody else's cookie jar?

Take a serious look at the other person's behavior. Some clues can be if they are not making set dates, if they tend to call off dates, and if they don't want to meet your friends or family.

If you think you are in somebody's cookie jar, what do you do?

Dr. Rosenberg says you need to confront the person. "You have to break that situation down," he said.

Be forward. Ask them why you're not moving the relationship along. Ask if they care about you.

Then make your decision.

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