Bensalem Police Release 15 Apps to Watch Out For This School Year

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Just in time for back to school, the Bensalem Police Department released a warning about 15 cell phone applications parents should look out for.

Director of Public Safety for the department Frederick Harran explained the list and talked about how you can keep your kids safe this school year.

Harran said it all starts with monitoring your kids and their activity.

“Parents should be parents, not their friends. These kids should not have the apps. Check to see.”

One application he talked about explicitly was Calculator+. It made the list because it looks and acts like an actual calculator, but is used as a hiding place for photos and videos. If you type a passcode in the calculator interface and then press the percent (%) button, the app unlocks the secret camera roll.

The list also included apps like Snapchat, Bumble, MeetMe and more.

“You look at the names like Ask and that’s an app that really let’s people talk anonymously. There’s been a lot of cyberbullying on that app.”

He added in this day and age it’s already difficult to be a kid. Check out the full list below.

Finally, Harran suggested checking all of your children’s apps as they head back to school.  You may not catch all of the dangerous ones, but it’s a start. For more information on this warning, click here.

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