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Next Stop Democracy is making strides to change the way you see your polling place.

“Next Stop Democracy aims to use public art to increase civic engagement and my hope is that on November 4th the day after election day you have citizens that are so enlivenment and so excited and so motivated by the grand party that election became on November 3rd that Philadelphia never knows another way to do election days. Election days in Philly will also be big and bright and colorful and welcoming of all Philadelphians,” Lansie Sylvia said, program director at Next Stop Democracy.

The Next Stop Democracy team is hoping the idea spreads to other cities in the U.S.

“That’s part of the goal and part of the test to see if this works. I think we need to figure out something. In all of the research we have done we realized that in cultures and in cities where election days are celebrated people turn out a lot more,” Conrad Benner said, community catalyst for Next Stop Democracy.

Tonight from 6pm to 9 pm at the Impact Hub in Fishtown there will be a#SignsOfChangePHL Design Philadelphia artist panel. This will be the first and only time all of the signs will be in one location for people to look at.

“If we can hear people say that was the best Election Day I had. Or I felt more engaged voting this time then I have in years or ever. Or to say who knew there was so much art in the city. Basically we just want to improve everyone’s Election Day experience to hopefully make them think next time around I’m definitely going to make it to my polling location,” Matt Erdely said, associate creative director at Here's My Chance.

By:David Grzybowski/ PHL17

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