A New App that Converts your Downtime into Cash, for Free.

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Raising money for your favorite charity, while possibly pocketing some for yourself just became easy. “AdWap” founder Mike Cassidy joins us to tell us about the new App that makes this all possible.

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So what is AdWap and how does it work?

"AdWap is a name for itself but its also an acronym as it stands for advertising with a purpose. So again its a an app and an website as well, MyAdWap.com that you can think of it as watching up to but never exceeding ten video advertisements a day. Each time you watch an AD from start to finish it automatically triggers a donation to your charitable cause of choice."

So you pick a charity that you're involved in or would like to donate your time to and just by watching these advertisements they automatically receive donations?

Yes so whats great about our platform is we call it OPM - other people's money. If were just transferring these large digital advertising budgets to responsible places namely the charities and sometimes the users in some cases as well.

Okay so watching advertisements.. but what's really in it for you and me or anyone who would be watching this and would be interested in doing it?

So the value proposition is two fold. First is the way that you can raise money for charities each day, it doesn't cost you a dime, and you choose the charity that you care about but secondly, its a way that you can raise money for yourself. Each view automatically enters you into a daily cash giveaway.. we announce the winner each night at 10 pm EST and again its a way you can win some money each day or potentially donate that to the charities as well.

Awesome definitely some great reasons to check it out. Thank you so much Mike for being with us.