A look inside the horticulture and FFA program at Delsea Regional High School

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The horticulture program at Delsea Regional High School in Franklinville, New Jersey, is teaching students to grow food using sustainable alternative methods of growing. PHL17’s Lauren Berman reports.

Whether it’s designing the landscape of the school courtyard, maintaining 20 year old bonsai trees, or organizing a food share  for the surrounding community, the horticulture students at Delsea Regional High School do it all.

“Our program integrates everything as much as we can from the horticulture industry.” says Delsea teacher Gary Nelson. Nelson has worked at the school for over a decade, but says the program blossomed over the last four years. “We do floral designing, landscape, design and maintenance, but the big thing that we started was growing food and growing food organically. We’ve got two systems in the greenhouse, we use a hydroponics system which runs along the wall, but the big thing was the aquaponics system.”

Gary Nelson, advisor to Delsea’s FFA Chapter, was awarded the 2016 Honorary State Future Farmers of America Degree for his work at Delsea Regional High School, which he will receive at the 87th New Jersey State FFA Convention on May 26.

BY: Lauren Berman/PHL17

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