Local Concert Pianist, Rollin Wilber, talks music, passion, and perspective

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Everyone should have something they are passionate about, whether it’s a hobby, a sport or a musical instrument. For Rollin Wilber, it’s the piano. In this profile of local concert pianist, Rollin Wilber, his passion for music is palpable as he talks about his background in music, his goals with the Fine Art Music Company and his perspective on performing.

“My favorite music is really the piece of music I’m working on at the moment because you get, or I get so deeply involved in the study of it. What compels me is I think of this music and immediately I’m drawn, I want to go to the piano. I could be upstairs brushing my teeth or something and I want to come down to the piano and start playing that again and listen again more to see if I can make the line more beautiful, to try to discover why is he doing this in the left hand while the right hand is doing that until it becomes something that could project into a whole room.”

As the founder of The Fine Arts Music Company, Rollin brings musicians together to collaborate on musical programs and concerts. To find out more about Rollin Wilber and The Fine Art Music Company, and to see where he is performing next please visit: fineartmusiccompany.com.

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