3 Easy Summer Workout Moves for the Whole Body

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Ashley Singer from Ashley Blake Fitness showed some easy workout moves you can do before enjoying summertime festivities.

Once the weather warms up, outdoor happy hours become extremely popular. Ashley says you need to keep an eye out for “sneaky calories.” You don’t have to eliminate things you enjoy, but you have to look out for calorie culprits.

“Happy hour things tend to be appetizers, which are just laden with calories. You want to make sure you’re mixing in a water between all your alcoholic, sugary sips. Make sure you’re also doing portion control.”

As always, hydration is very important. When you’re sweating during these hotter months, it’s easy to quickly become dehydrated.

Ashley displayed three total body moves for cardio health and core strength.

1. Planks

Form is very important. Make sure your shoulders stay in line with your wrists. Planks are foundational fitness moves meaning you can increase the difficulty by adding shoulder taps or mountain climbers. Hold it for 60 seconds.

2. Lunges

Step back into a reverse lunge. Make sure all of your weight is in your heel and your knee is in line with your toes. Step forward to a standing position and repeat for 60 seconds (30 seconds on the left leg and 30 seconds on the right leg).

3. Jumping Jacks

Do 60 seconds of the classic jumping jack. This exercise focuses on your cardio health.

For more information visit Ashley’s site, ashleyblakefitness.com.

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