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As soon as the results are made official by the city of Philadelphia you can find the results for the 2022 Mummers Parade on this page.

2022 Mummers String Band Results

  1. South Philadelphia String Band Theme:”Circus Space-Tacular”
  2. Quaker City String Band Theme:”Getting the Band Back Together”
  3. Fralinger String Band Theme:”Orchestration Station”
  4. Avalon String Band Theme: “Jungle Spirit”
  5. Woodland String Band Theme: “Woodland Goes to Rio”
  6. Polish American String Band Theme:”Clowntown Rodeo”
  7. Aqua String Band Theme:”Riverboat Krewes”
  8. Uptown String Band Theme:”Better Maize Ahead”
  9. Greater Kensington String Band Theme:”Wizard’s Awakening”
  10. Ferko String Band Theme:”Mardi Gras” –
  11. Hegeman String Band / Pennsport String Band Theme:”Mums from Space”
  12. Durning String Band Theme:”Band to the Bones” –
  13. Duffy String Band Theme:”It’s Always Funny in Philadelphia” – Captain Jake Kudrick
  14. Jersey String Band Theme:”Jersey’s Shore Glad to Sea You”

String Band Captain

  1. Denny Palandro – South Philadelphia String Band
  2. Brad Bowen – Fralinger
  3. Jimmy Good Quaker City

2022 Fancy Brigade Results

  1. Saturnalian 77.25 (Click for Winning Performance).
  2. South Philly Vikings 73.25
  3. Jokers 71.5
  4. Avenuers
  5. Spartans
  6. Golden Crown
  7. Downtowners
  8. Shooting Stars
  9. Satin Slipper
  10. 2nd Street Shooters
  11. Clevemore
  12. Purple Magic

Fancy Brigade Captain

  1. Saturnalian Fancy Brigade Theme:”Visions of China Festival of the New Year” Captain Tom Dougherty
  2. South Philly Vikings Fancy Brigade Theme:”It’s Showtime” – Captain Lou Castelli
  3. Jokers Fancy Brigade Theme:”Aztecs” – Captain David Josaphoulitch
  4. Spartans
  5. Golden Crown
  6. Avenuers
  7. Downtowners
  8. Shooting Stars
  9. 2nd Street Shooters
  10. Satin Slipper
  11. Clevemore
  12. Purple Magic

Wench Brigade Results

  1. Cara Liom
  2. Americans
  3. Riverfront
  4. Oregon
  5. Bryson
  6. Pirates
  7. Saints
  8. O’Malley
  9. Froggy Carr

Here are some archive results from past years…