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Mummers Press Release
The Goodtimers Comic Club and Finnegan New Year Brigade (NYB), which marches in the Goodtimers Club, condemn the hateful speech spoken by a person marching with Finnegan on New Year’s Day.  As a result of this man’s behavior the following action has been taken.

  1. The person has been banned from Finnegan NYB and from the Goodtimers.
  2. The person will not be allowed to march with any other club.  As of this time, he is no longer considered a Mummer.
  3. Finnegan NYB is reaching out to the LGBT community and offering its services to help with an LGBT fundraiser or equality awareness, and to learn more about LGBT concerns.

Mike Inemer, Finnegan New Year Brigade
Joe D’Urso, President Goodtimers Comic Club
January 2, 2016
Contact: George Badey 215 790-1000

Mummers Press Release
On areas of concerns raised by the public and officials in the parade, the leaders of the 5 traditional Mummers Divisions have issued the following statement. We, the Presidents of the 5 traditional Mummers Divisions, categorically reject expressions of hate and bigotry. That negative behavior and expression has no place in a parade that celebrates family, working people and the hopes for the New Year, and in a parade that has come to represent the City of Philadelphia. We hope that people realize that the vast majority of thousands of Mummers put forth entertaining and family-oriented productions. The few who violated the spirit of the community do not represent the majority. However,even a handful are too many. Therefore, we will continue to educate and to promote inclusivity and cultural awareness.

To those ends,we take the following steps on top of the discussions and steps taken in recent years.

  1. We make clear that we vocally condemn any expressions of hate.
  2. We pledge full cooperation with legal or government authorities looking into these areas of concern.
  3. On the matter of the Mummer Comic tradition of satire and poking fun at pop culture, we will continue dialogue with Mummers about sensitivity and with non-Mummers about the Mummer tradition of humor and what can be accepted as freedom of expression and what is over the line.
  4. We commit to educate and embrace inclusivity.
  5. For any ethnic theme performed by a club, it will be required that the club have as advisors and/or participants members of that ethnicity to guarantee respect. These names will be made available to Division President, and to the media upon request.
  6. We establish “Love the Mummers-Love the City” as a conduit for education of Mummers and non-Mummers and to bring the city closer together through inclusion in the parade of people from all walks of life and neighborhoods.
  7. We will continue dialogue with community representatives and the City of Philadelphia and are beginning new discussions on issues of awareness, sensitivity, community standards and inclusion.

George Badey, Chair, Love The Mummers
Tom Loomis, President, String Band Association
Rich Porco, President, Comic Division
Robert Shannon, Jr., President, Philadelphia Mummers Association
Charlie McKenna, President, Wench Brigade Division
Jack Cohen, President, Fancy Division
Bill Burke, Jr., Vice-President, Fancy Brigade Association

January 2, 2016
Contact: George Badey 215 790-1000