Your Beauty Guide for Summer

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Beauty and lifestyle editor Molly Nover-Baker joins us with a complete beauty guide to take you from spring into summer.

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"When it comes to your makeup you definitely want to keep it light and luminous. I'm loving this new number 7 foundation. Because it's from the US's number one serum brand at mass and this product serves double duty, it's called 'lift and luminate.'

And by that i mean it's going to give your skin a nice dewy finish, medium coverage, and it's going to give the appearance of even skin and more youthful completion. So you're getting lift, firmness, and even tone. You're getting that nice mix of makeup and skincare benefits. The magic is in the pro retinol complex and that's going to help maintain skin's elasticity you've got antioxidants, vitamin C and E in there as well to protect from free radical damage.

And then it contains this broad spectrum SPF fifteen which is especially important during these summer months. It's also hypoallergenic which makes it perfect for sensitive skin types. You can find the foundation at Ulta stores or it retails for $15.99 I'm going to give you a great promotion code here you want to type in 'liftlum' into the promotion box at and you're going to get $3 off of your purchase which is a nice little treat for us.

Now some other summer trends to talk about, for lips you want to go with bold pops of color, hot pink, oranges, purples. Metallics on the eyes like rose gold, copper, or bronze and then for hair you have options you can go for a wet sleek look or lots of volume. But which ever style you choose whats most important is hair care.

For scalp issues we can have dryness itchiness, irritation or flakes. These are especially prominent during these changes of seasons as we're kicking into summer here with the heat and humidity. You can feel it that's when you want to reach for the head and shoulders new smooth and silky three action formula it's going to become your summer essential and here's why.

The three action formula contains micro zinc particles which are going to help protect you scalp keep it clean and moisturize it. And for your hair it's going to feel unbelievable soft and smooth which gives you that great base for any of these summer styles that you want to create. And then finally you're getting 24 hours of frizz control. Which again is another reason to make this an essential product for you for summer. Two great things here the foundation you can check out or for the shampoo you can go to head and shoulders dot com."

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