Turn Your Home Into a Smart Home with Help From Limor Suss

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Turning your home into a smart home is one of the newest and biggest trends. Limor Suss has ideas for everything you need to transform your home.

It all starts with a device in the center of it all. Amazon’s Echo Show is the perfect hub. You can set all of your devices-  even your lightbulbs- to the system so you can control them with your voice. Plus, you can use it to make dinnertime easier. Just ask Alexa for a recipe using the ingredients you already have in your fridge, and it will give you step-by-step directions. It can even set timers and convert measurements for you.

You can make any home appliance into a smart one with the Amazon Smart Plug. Plug the device into the smart outlet and and connect it with your account to voice control it. If you’re tight on space, Amazon has a variety of devices in different sizes that are perfect for you. Visit Amazon.com for more information.

Cafe appliances are the first affordable line of fully customizable appliances. You can choose from matte black and matte white, and you can customize the knobs and handles to fit your style. You can even preheat the oven, turn the dishwasher on and heat water in your refrigerator right from the Cafe app on your phone.

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