“The Goldbergs” Spinoff

PHL17 Extra
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Tim Meadows is best known for his ten seasons on Saturday Night Live and now he’s a character on The Goldbergs spinoff. He joined us to talk all about the new show.

The pilot was shot this past year, but unfortunately was never picked up. However because the pilot tested so well, ABC decided to air it.

“It’s a very funny show. With the success of some of these other spinoffs, they decided to let people see it.”

The Goldbergs 1990-Something is the next evolution of the widely-popular sitcom The Goldbergs.

“It’s the same high school, William Penn High School, and takes place in the 90s after the kids from The Goldbergs have left the school.”

As for any Philadelphia pop culture references, Tim gave us a sneak peek.

“They do show some of the video of the original teachers who my character is based on and Coach Miller’s character is based on, but I know Adam Goldberg is really proud of the fact that the show is still set in Philly and that people in Philadelphia love it.”

You can watch The Goldbergs 1990-Something on ABC.Go.com.