The Jerry Springer Show Celebrates Season 27

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He’s a household name especially among PHL17 viewers, The Jerry Springer Show is now in it’s 27th season. Jerry joins Chandler Lutz to talk about his life before the hit television series, his hosting gig for the live show of The Price is Right and more.

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Jerry you are one of the longest running talk shows in television history...Did you think it would last this long?​

"No actually the very first contract I signed was just for 6 weeks so I had no idea or intention on making this my full time job... this was a surprise to me, a happy surprise."

As if you weren't busy enough, you also travel the country hosting the live version of The Price is Right and you'll be in Atlantic City early next month. What's that like for you hosting a game show?

"It's a lot of fun, the people on that show are pretty happy. I mean they are winning refrigerators, cars, going to Hawaii... so everyone on that show are happy people versus on my show they aren't necessarily happy."

Many people don't know that you have a background in politics. If you ran for president, who would be your running mate?

"Oh good question... someone a lot younger. I'm old. I would definitely have someone younger- maybe I would get Hillary. I certainly would have a woman and I'm thinking maybe we ought to have a woman as President as well."

You can catch Jerry and The Jerry Springer Show weekdays on PHL17.

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