The Importance of Good Oral Health for Expecting Moms

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OBGYN Dr. Rebecca Brightman has new findings about the importance of good oral health while pregnant or planning to become pregnant. She shares some surprising tips that are more important that you may realize for maintaining a healthy pregnancy.

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"A recent study performed by Crest and Oral-B revealed some interesting findings, 23% of women who are pregnant or recently pregnant actually experienced a decline in oral health during their pregnancies. Seventy percent of women experienced gingivitis symptoms and 56% of women only see their dental health professionals and it's really important for women to optimize their health going into pregnancy but they shouldn't ignore oral health.

I think women think 'oh I'm pregnant i don't need to see the dentist' , it's not true. They really have an increased risk for gingivitis and should brush with a soft brush preferably twice a day and follow up with flossing and gentle floss such as gentle-b glide and if women can't tolerate flossing because they have an accentuating gag reflex they can rinse with an alcohol free rinse such as Crest Advance Care Pro-health or use a floss but it's important that they maintain good dental health because they are brushing for two.

Untreated gingivitis can progress into periodontal disease which in some studies it has been associated with a increase risk of preterm delivery and low birth rate. If women want more information about this brushing for two they can be referred to the website and for more information.

It's really important going into pregnancy that women have optimal health to begin with and should eat healthfully and make sure they are having plenty of calcium and take vitamin D in their diet as well as folic acid which is important particularly for the first trimester. Baby's teeth are developing during the second trimester, that's between three and six months, so really it's important to maintain proper nutrition. Women are hungrier sometimes they're snacking so it's important to keep the sugary snacks to a minimum side and make sure they brush regularly, particularly after snacking and floss once a day."

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