Spring Technology Must-Haves

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Spring is here, and Emmy-award winning technology and digital lifestyle commentator, Mario Armstrong has the list of everything you’ll want this season.

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"Let's start with gaming. The must have video game system for the spring is the Nintendo Switch," Mario said. "It transforms from a home console to a portable gaming system in a snap, giving you more time to play the games you love at home or while on the go. The game choices are amazing. Mario Cart 8 Deluxe is a fun racing classic, Super Mario Odyssey is Mario`s newest adventure, and Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild is where you can step into an award-winning world of discovery, exploration, and adventure."

"Like so many people, I consider glasses a fashion accessory now with Zenni.com. It makes changing your look easier with their online service, and so much more affordable. There is an incredible assortment of prescription styles and sunglasses starting at just $6.95, so you can buy a pair for every look or occasion. And gamers, techies or anyone who uses a computer for long periods of time, you'll want the beyond UV feature which protects you from harmful blue light- it's only $16.95.

"Now for headphones, the TreksAair from Aftershokz are as light as a feather, and totally unique. They sit on your cheekbones instead of on or in your ear. They use bone conducting technology to transmit audio waves to the inner ear through the skull, leaving your ear canals open so you can stay safe, alert and aware of ambient sound."

"As for apps to download, if you shop or travel often, download Dosh before your next purchase. The app gives you cash back for shopping, dining out or even booking hotel rooms. You can use it at 100,000 retailers, including Forever 21 and Sam's Club. It is so easy to book hotels directly through the app. Finally, stop forgetting and resetting your passwords- get the best password manager out there. Dashlane is easy to use and ensures you'll never forget another password or get locked out of another account again. Best of all, it's free on a single device or you can access your password on unlimited devices with a free 30-day trial of Dashlane premium."

For more information on all products, visit FunkNews.com/Spring.